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Little Tiana

I go up and down in his heart.


This started as just a McFLY fangirl LJ, but I have decided that I'm going to change that and have it being about music as a whole. That way I'll have more of a variety to talk about, and I won't have to keep repeating myself over and over again. Plus, it gives me something to do.

Things you will find here:
- My thoughts on all music
- Vents and all that jazz: normal stuff
- Fan Fictions (that you can find in my Memories!)
- Funny McArmy chat dialogue that needs to be shared with the world


I am no longer posting any of my fan fictions on this LJ. They will all be posted in my new community themindoftiana from here on out. If you want to, you can join. At this present moment I'm transferring all of my fictions there, so if you don't want your friend's page to be flooded then don't watch. If you don't wish to join then that's okay. Whatever floats your boat. You can also find them in my memories on this LJ. Have fun!
- Tiana